Baby Eyelid Wipes
Baby Eyelid Wipes
Baby Eyelid Wipes
Baby Eyelid Wipes
Baby Eyelid Wipes
Baby Eyelid Wipes
Baby Eyelid Wipes
Baby Eyelid Wipes

Baby Eyelid Wipes

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Never let your baby’s eyes feel irritated; always keep them tidy and clean with our baby eyelid cleanser wipes. As a company that lauds cleanliness and hygiene, we have developed these wipes with a simple goal, that is, to simplify your baby’s eye care regimen. You can use these wipes without ever worrying about the ingredients in the same hurting the baby’s sensitive eyes. Baby Eyelid Wipes After using the wipes, the baby’s eye will stay clean and fresh. 

More About Our Product

Our wipes are tested and proven to provide great results when it comes to cleaning the products. They are built with a unique formula that is highly effective to use at home or when you are on the go. At a tender age, when the baby will want to explore everything around them and be amazed with their surroundings, never let the gunk and debris on their eyes stay. Baby Eyelid Wipes It are made from natural ingredients and are not based on alcohol. The pack of 20 wipes will turn out to be your go-to cleaning item for giving your baby neat and shiny eyes.

Best Features.

  • Comprehensive Care for Eyes

As a way of promoting good hygiene, lid wipes for dry eyes will simplify the eye care process and deliver comprehensive hygiene. The wipes will help gently and smoothly remove the goop, dirt, and all the gunk from the baby’s eyes. It will clean the surface beneath the eyes and eyelids. The wipes are built to minimize extensive rubbing and irritation. 

  • Gentle Cleaning Formula

The Kivema products are built with a special formula that does not expose the baby’s eyes to any sort of irritating ingredient. All the ingredients of our wipes are naturally sourced and mixed with skin-sensitive materials and added with fragrance, keeping in mind the safety of the baby. Baby Eyelid Wipes Our wipes are free from any preservatives and detergents. 

  • Provides a Moisturizing Effect

The Kivema eyelid wipes for babies are specially built with essential oils and skin-friendly conditioners, cleansing the skin without any irritation and redness. As a result, the baby’s eyelids are always nourished and added with a protective layer preventing infections and parasites like Demodex from hurting the eyes. 

  • A Mother’s Perfect Partner

These baby eyelash wipes are a mother’s perfect partner as it helps her always clean the baby’s eyes and keep them sterile. The wipes will become an easy way to take care of the baby’s eyes and let the toddler have an unhindered view of the world. Wherever the baby goes, these wipes will be their perfect partner. Moreover, the eyes won’t require any rinsing after use. 

Benefits of Baby Lid and Lash Cleaner

  • Rejuvenates the Eyes

It will not only clean the eyes but also refresh and rejuvenate the eyes. The rejuvenating effect energizes the baby’s mood, and it also keeps their health in check. The eyelids will always stay clean and dirt-free, which means there is no irritation in the eyes, ever. 

  • No Water, No Mess

If not for the wipes, you would have to use water to clean the baby’s eyes and eyelids. Imagine doing that in the winters, when the chilling cold is not already enough to give discomfort to the baby. The Kivema lid wipes with antibacterial properties will help keep the mess at bay and help you clean the eyes with ease. 

  • Zero Side Effects or Irritation

Using these wipes, the babies won’t feel any irritation, and there is no side effect of using our product. We have taken special care of its usage and have improved the formula to bring better results every time. 

  • Gentle Touch of a Mother

We understand that a baby’s eyes are super sensitive, and even the slightest irritation can make them feel like crying, which is not an ideal situation for any mother. Baby Eyelid Wipes Our Kivema best eyelid wipes are specially designed to be soft, plush, and smooth. Using these wipes on sensitive baby eyes won’t irate their eyes and will keep them calm. 

  • Individually Packed for Better Protection

Each box has 20 separately packed wipes, ensuring complete protection and sterility. We recommend our customers to wash their hands before using the wipes as they are super delicate because they are specially designed for babies. 

Directions to Use 

  1. Take out one wipe from the box of 20 eyelid wipes. 
  2. Wash your hands before opening the packet. 
  3. Tear off the packet and bring the wipe out. 
  4. Gently apply the wipe to the baby’s eyes. Swipe clean the eyelids and lashes and the area beneath the eyes. 
  5. After using the wipe, discard it and never use the same wipe again. 

Cautions for Using it.

  • These wipes are meant to be used on the baby’s eyelids and eyelash outer skin only. Be careful not to touch the cornea and other internal parts of the eye. 
  • Do not use the wipes if the baby’s skin is hypersensitive. 
  • The eyes should be closed when the wipes are used to clean. 
  • Refrain from using the wipes if there is redness and swelling in the eyes. 
  • Make sure to store the wipes in a cool and dry place.

Kivema is based out of Israel, and we only use high-quality materials with a sustainable approach. Using our wipes means that the baby’s eyes and lashes and the area around the eyelid will always stay clean. As a result of this cleanliness, there won’t be any risk of manifestation of allergies and allergic reactions. Going out during the summers is a lot riskier for a baby than it is for an adult. We understand a mother’s concern for her little one and have created these excellent products with the same love and care a mother has for her infant.